So long Corryong…

Pay back. Second night at Corryong, Scott has really tried to stop his constant moving. I had trouble sleeping so it was very apt that Scott told me I had kept him awake with my constant wriggling and could I … Continued

Mango gold.

Just woke up to another beautiful day in Corryong, the crisp, chilly morning makes me realise we’re away from all of our comforts, but we love it. We wake up bright and early ready for the day. I’d have expected … Continued

What a long night!!

What a long night! Scott is autistic and believe me, it is mild compared to his Tourettes. People often ask me if Scott’s Tourettes happens while he is asleep, I had no idea… The short answer is no, when Scott … Continued

Anticipation and realisation.

We finally got on the road around 11.30am, thank you so much to my wonderful Geoff, who fussed over us to get everything right and Jason who was prepared with cameras and enthusiasm.  Thank you to Adam (Scott’s younger brother) … Continued

And they’re off…

Shortly after 11 am after packing the caravan, Cheryle and Scott took to the road to commence their adventure. A little bit of work going through the procedures of setting up, packing up and hooking up and they were off. … Continued