Pushing the boundaries 4 – Getting Closer.

Scott is now getting very excited and each moment we have together we are discussing and planning how good our trip is going to be. Scott is picking the type of music he wants to take and he has even picked some of my favourites!

On the 9th of May we’re going to start a 5 day countdown as we get ready. We plan to start really documenting the journey as Scott and I shop, pack and prepare the caravan.

We leave on the morning of the 14th of May. Our first stop is Currawong, this is the first major area where the two tributaries meet and form the Murray River in northern Victoria, Australia, the start of our 2500 kilometre journey.  We will probably stay there for a few days as I believe there are some really beautiful sights and landscapes.  If anybody knows the area please don’t hesitate to give us some instructions.

The first couple of days Scott and I have to get comfortable with each other and the roles we are each playing.  Scott is most comfortable with repetition, even if it’s boring. Considering the fact that people with Autism feel most comfortable with knowing the outcome, as we all do, I have noticed with Scott that he is very uncomfortable if he has to imagine the future, a very difficult concept that we take for granted when we are planning something.

Scott has to trust me and rely on past experiences to make some sense of what’s going to happen in the future.  His music definitely plays a big role in this concept, as it assures him of something he can do that he knows the outcome.  His art will also play a big role in his security; he always carries paper and pen to draw when the world is too loud and too hard to understand and deal with.  He has learnt that music and drawing retards the over whelming anxiety and reactive behaviour,  maybe the same way I write lists to sort things out in my mind to give me security and a plan for the future.

One thing I have learnt over the years with Scott is he really loves responsibility; I want to give him a masculine and leadership role.  This will put him in a position of self empowerment and decision making.

A big part of this journey is to see how Scott will handle situations that are different and unexpected if he is the leader and decision maker. Some of his roles will include, where do we park the caravan, what do we do now to get ready for the night and what are all the safety checks? I believe Scott will take on the role and expand on it himself.


Getting Closer!!


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