Morgan to Murray Bridge

Scott and I have decided we don’t mind the caravan life, I think we’re in a niche environment and Scott feels very secure in the fact he knows the routine, I think I do too.  There are unspoken rules and guide lines to each day and it gives you a very comfortable feeling of routine and safety.

Scott knows we’re heading back towards home now, and he is becoming more anxious about the familiarity of his own room and space. He is missing his computer and movies, especially the three stooges.  I think he is also missing McDonald’s and take away food and controlling his own culinary world.

I’ve enjoyed watching the passing crowd, the people who come in and out of parks, the buzz of noises in the morning and evening as people greet each other and the pantomime at dusk as the late setters arrive yelling at each other left, left, right now, straighten up again, straighten up, no left and the camaraderie’s of all types of people as they mingle together regardless of statue or any daily codes.

I have come to believe you would never suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers if you kept caravanning. Maybe that’s why so many grey nomads are out here, or maybe they have dementia and don’t know how to get home?? Regardless, if you have to drive a car for hundreds of kilometres pulling another seventeen foot plus trailer behind, through unknown towns, finding caravan parks and all under extreme circumstances, park the thing, unload and load up again to leave, which requires a check list as long as your arm to make sure all is secured and safe.  That must surpass all the think exercises required to keep the mind active. I’ve seen some pretty mature little bodies jumping out of their vans in the morning heading for the toilet block and returning for a healthy breakfast then off for another days adventures.

We had arrived ahead of schedule having driven straight from Morgan to Murray Bridge. The next two days the weather improved and we were both happy to just explore the surrounding districts.

Murray Bridge is very well located and close to the Princes Highway into Adelaide, about 70 Kilometres away. The manager at the caravan park suggested a lot of interesting areas to visit and also explained to me about the exit of the Murray River at the mouth of Lake Alexandrina and it would be well worth the trip over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge linking the island to Goolwa, because that’s really where the Murray River finishes, and if we wanted to finish our trip from the beginning of the Murray River in Victoria to the end and true exit to the southern Ocean we need to go there.  It was an exciting idea instead of just finishing where the Murray enters the lake at Wellington.

But today we needed to sort out what was wrong with the car and what was close so that we could just settle back and enjoy the  area maybe find some new subject matter.

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